Ghost LIVE is a new Tournament manager aimed to help make your Ghost Experience even better than usual. Ghost LIVE helps players stay up to date at all times, with features including:

  • View The Tournament Brackets
  • Watch The Tournament Update LIVE
  • View each round individually, in a list view
  • Search for a player/team within a tournament
  • View called boards, so you never miss a match

Ghost LIVE works with whatever device you have, from a modern smartphone or tablet, all the way to a desktop or laptop - Ghost LIVE ensures you're always up to date!

Made by the bloke in the middle, for these two legends!

View Tournaments

Ghost LIVE allows you to view tournaments, as they happen. No need to refresh, the brackets update themselves automatically.

Find Players

You can search for players or teams and automatically be taken to their position in the bracket. You can even filter by round.

View Boards

You can see all active boards with the Board Viewer, and which players are on them. This auto updates so you'll never miss a match!

Like what you see? I build things. Got something to build? Let me know!